Floyd's Kitchen - Phx

There is a newish restaurant just across from the Paradise Valley Mall (in the Sprouts shopping center) that is my newest crush. It is a fairly small place (maybe 20 tables), in the corner of the strip center. They serve American influenced food (Burgers, sandwiches), and some other foods as well (mostly Italian influenced - pastas, pizza's, etc). The menu sounds pedestrian, but the experience is anything but.

First off, the place is fairly upscale (table cloths, fancy plates, etc), and the service is top notch (feels like a mom and pop). I have been there 4 times (in six months), and they already recognize me (and make me feel like a regular).

Of course the most important thing, is the food (as that is why we are Chowhounds). All their dishes are just a little better than normal. It is clear that they pay attention to the quality of the ingredients (The microgreens and the tomatoes on the side salad are fresh for instance). The items themselves usually have a little something that make them just a little special (like the pepper aioli that accompanies some of their sandwiches).

My lunch yesterday might server as an example. I had the meatball sub. It came with 5 large meatballs (with mozerella rolled into the center of each meatball). The hoagie roll it came on was chewy and substantial (it held up well to the heft of the sandwich). Their sandwiches come with a choice salad (mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, croutons, and blue cheese), pasta salad, or something else I don't remember (potato chips maybe?). It was clear that everything was prepared fresh. Everything was flavorful (and big portions, I had half the sandwich left over for dinner).

As I mentioned portions are ample, and priced very low (a downright steal for the quality).

I just love this place. It is an independent, and you can tell that the people running the place, want to do something special, and a little different than your normal diner or pub. They are getting noticed, as the place is usually busy when we are in for lunch (yesterday, every table was full). I just wanted to key my fellow Chowhounders into a little gem in our city.

BTW, a realize a gushing review like this might seem like a plant or something. I have absolutely nothing to do with this place, other than being a loyal customer.