Asia de Cuba - Mondrian Hotel - Scottsdale

May 17, 2007

Went there on a Sunday morning, for brunch (so it was a special menu). I found the food excellent. All the ingredients were top notch, and the combinations of tastes were great. Since we had a limited menu, we didn't get to try some of the signature dishes. The bread basket was wonderful, and my wife swooned over the scones (which she quickly hoarded and kept to herself).

The restaurant was very quiet on Sunday morning (which was actually nice, as we weren't looking for a scene), and the service was excellent. I thought the prices reasonable, as the portions are huge (keep that in mind, because we ordered way too much food).

From what I understand, this place can get quite busy on weekends, or other nights, and the nightclub in the Mondrian (which has really great decor) becomes exclusive, and is difficult to get in (if you aren't in the right crowd).

I would recommend AdC. Thought the atmosphere, food and service were all very polished. Not sure if I would wait hours to eat here, but they take reservations so I will plan ahead.

The hotel itself is pretty cool.  The lobby is all white (which seems to be their theme), with a ton of really cool design touches.  We always take guests to check it out.