KAI @ Wild Horse Pass Resort

Feb 16, 2008 We were lucky enough to enjoy Kai last night. It was as wonderful as the rest of the Chowhounders reported.

I would emphasize that the service here is extraordinary. Our waiter (Feliciano) was excellent. The rest of the staff as well. It was the perfect service, our water glasses never went empty, but people weren't bothering us or imposing at all. Certainly among the best service I have had anywhere. They had some carefully choreographed service that made things special, and some other nice touches (silverware was brought out to match the temperature of the food you were eating, cold fork for salad, hot spoon for soup, etc.).

The food was great. I don't have too much to add, other than to say that the flavors were perfectly balanced, and you could tell that the ingredients were all top notch. Highlights of our meal included the fantastic bread, Pork done 3 ways, and a squash soup. I loved the chocolate souflee for desert, but my wife wasn't quite as excited about it (although she certainly held up here end of the bargain polishing it off). Portion size was perfect. We left stuffed, but didn't feel like any of the dishes were too large.

The atmosphere was great. We had an inside table (I did leave a message requesting a patio table, but never received a call back about this, and didn't obviously get the request satisfied - a minor quibble). We were placed in front of a giant picture window overlooking the pools. It was quite romantic. The room itself had a very classy native American theme, which was extremely well done.

I had a pom-tini, which was a Pomegranate flavored martini. It was delicious, and if given the opportunity, I probably could have polished off a few of them. They had some interesting cocktails, I would recommend trying them, if at all possible. I did not look at the wine list, but would expect it to be well chosen.

This meal was very expensive. For the 2 of us we spend over $200, and we didn't go overboard (I think if you are not careful, a bill could get quite a bit higher than this). I would say it was worth it, but makes this restaurant only appropriate for special occasions.

Overall, this was among the best meals we have had in the valley. Everything was perfect. This restaurant deserves all the acclaim it is getting.