Essential (or just plain cool) Android Applications

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My list of indispensable apps:

I don’t remember all of the cool Android apps I have downloaded, but here is a rundown of the ones I find most useful. I intend to keep this post updated when I find cool new apps. If you know of an Android app, that is really cool, or that you can't live without, please list it in the comments!

Linda – file manager Google Voice (but only if you have a GV account – which I have invites) – look online for what this does, it basically allows you to control all your communication (works on Verizon too!);  Now allows you to use GV for all your voicemails - so you get transcription, and visual voice mail - this is a must have, even if you don't use a GV number. ACast – podcast aggregator (I am sticking with this over Google Listen, as it is more straightforward, and finds updated feeds quicker) SavvyShoppper - comparison shop products by bar code MissedCall – changes LED based on type of notification (SMS, VoiceMail); fully configurable (this doesn't work on my Nexus One - I miss it) Barcode Scanner – read all sorts of different barcodes (including 2D) MyTracks – good for running or hiking; keeps track of distance traveled, speed, elevation gain etc; good for keeping track of workouts (From Google) Scoreboard – for sports fans, gives you notifications of sports scores (From Google - doesn't reliably give my updates on my N1 unfortunately) USA Today – news Facebook – they have an official app Twidroid – my favorite Twitter App (but I don’t use Twitter that much, so I may not be the person to endorse this).  People like Seesmic too. Shazam – identify any song by “listening” to it; tells you song information Pandora – internet radio Layar – augmented reality puts information on top of the map (or streetview) with tons of different information; This is just the beginning of this sort of app, this sort of functionality will be huge in the future Locale - change phone settings based on location; kind of buggy but when it works, it is great.  When going to download this to my N1, they are now charging for this - $9.99, this is too expensive, as this app doesn't work reliably.  I am willing to put up with bugginess on a cheap app, but not if I am paying for it. 3Banana – list manager (integrated with website to keep lists on phone and web) TuneWiki - alternative Media player, with the coolest feature that is downloads lyrics, and displays them in sync with the music;  Also will link out to music video of songs if it knows of them - Ad Supported. Dolphin Browser - alternative browser with some cool features.  I like the way it handles tabs, and it uses some great getures, to allow easier navigation.  Also includes multi-touch, for all phones, which is pretty cool.

Some apps I am playing with, but can't endorse yet:

Pro Paint Camera - replacement for stock camera, with enhanced functionality (photo effects, advanced white balance, etc)

Geogad Tours - audio and video clips that create tours of specific locations. Web site: Download link:

ShapeWriter - different on-screen keyboard that allows you to link words by holding down on keyboard to make work (with predictive text correction).

Swype - another alternative keyboard.  Didn't work great on my N1, kept giving me screen resolution errors.  But I liked the idea, thought it worked pretty well.  Here is a link to a site with a link to a beta copy of it.  Not sure if it will always be available.