G1 likes & dislikes

Feb 8, 2009

Likes: -Openness of platform (especially that I can easily install my own applications - not only from 1 heavily monitored store) -Variety of applications available for the phone (there are some real innovative ideas emerging) -Extra Camera functionality (especially the barcode reading functionality). -Size, and form factor.  I love the keyboard, big screen, and think the phone is small enough to fit in my pocket comfortably. -Durable screen -Internet integration (including  GMail and GCalendar);  This is the first phone I have ever had that sync's well with the world.

Dislikes -Becomes sluggish at times, requiring frequent reboots. -GPS reliability (my phone is very unreliable when it comes to location-based services). -Camera isn't very good (doesn't take great pictures even in good light, with a perfectly still hand) -Integration with non-Gmail email providers (the email app is awful when trying to use other services - YMail, etc)

Things I want -A2DP -sudo (or some kind of extra access so I can kill rogue applications, or look a little deeper into the system - especially the data folder). -G2, or G3, or G4 (next android phones which will be faster and more polished and even better) -Peace in the Middle East