Frasca Food and Wine

Mar 15, 2007 Without a doubt, this is my favorite restaurant in the world. I have never had less than a stellar experience there (which says a lot, since a restaurant can't be perfect all the time - this one is).

Count yourself lucky to get the Milkshake brownie desert. It isn't available all the time, and is absolutely wonderful. I was bummed that it wasn't available last time I was there.

As far as prices, this place is a great value. The portions aren't huge (go to Cheesecake factory for that), but I have never left hungry (always the opposite, quite full).

They have a prix fix on Monday nights (where they bring in a vintner to push a certain wine). It is a unbelievable value at about $30 for 3 courses, and another $30 for wine pairing (which they will always split into 2 glasses for us, so we don't have to drink and drive). Less than $100 for dinner for 2 (with wine) at such a great place is a spectacular value. The wines are always the best the winery produces BTW, which makes the value that much more spectacular.