Frasca Food and Wine

Mar 15, 2007 Without a doubt, this is my favorite restaurant in the world. I have never had less than a stellar experience there (which says a lot, since a restaurant can't be perfect all the time - this one is).

Count yourself lucky to get the Milkshake brownie desert. It isn't available all the time, and is absolutely wonderful. I was bummed that it wasn't available last time I was there.

As far as prices, this place is a great value. The portions aren't huge (go to Cheesecake factory for that), but I have never left hungry (always the opposite, quite full).

They have a prix fix on Monday nights (where they bring in a vintner to push a certain wine). It is a unbelievable value at about $30 for 3 courses, and another $30 for wine pairing (which they will always split into 2 glasses for us, so we don't have to drink and drive). Less than $100 for dinner for 2 (with wine) at such a great place is a spectacular value. The wines are always the best the winery produces BTW, which makes the value that much more spectacular.

Dish in Edwards, CO

Went to "Dish" last night, and really enjoyed it. We did the tasting menu, consisting of 7 different dishes. Each of them was great. It is a short easy drive from Avon or Beaver Creek, and is a good alternative to the expensive places at the Ski resort.

Some standout dishes, included a "Marlin Bacon" - which was thinly cut fish, raw, that was very smokey. Another, was the "Churro with Chocolate Dip" (my name - I can't remember their description). Also really enjoyed the Brussel Sprouts (who would have thunk that that is a standout dish). The only item we had, that is available always, is the White Truffle popcorn, which as everyone else says, is positively addictive.

If we go again, I think we will not do the tasting menu, but instead, select our own dishes, as we didn't get to try the exact dishes we prefer (although, I would say, that the items the chef chose for us were all wonderful). In particular, I would have liked to try the White Truffle Pasta dish on the menu that day.

Bottom line, this is a great place, you could really tell their love for great ingredients, and love of food. I also thought this was a great value, as our dinner came in close to $100 for the 2 of us (and I think our bill, was a bit on the higher side, of average).

One last comment, about the wine. They have some unusual, and wonderful wines. In particular, they had bottles of Turley, which is wonderful, and difficult to find (which is a testament to the wine worthiness of this place). Also tried the owners sparkling wine (I think it was labeled - Muse), which was pretty good.

This place is a gem. I only wished we lived closer, so we could go there more often.

Jan 13, 2008