Phoenix Knife House

There is a really wonderful resource for Asian knives in the valley - Phoenix Knife House.  It is a unique place, we are lucky to have.  The owner (Eytan) clearly cares about what he does, and it is a pleasure to give him my business.

Eytan will definately let you try anything, and will also make some great recomendations (based on what you really need, not what will make him the most money). This store is a treasure, and we are lucky to have it (and need to support it!).

Oct 08, 2007

He charged me $10 for 3 knives (2 were small, one a 8" Chef's). More importantly, he told me he would teach me how to sharpen my own knives if I wanted.

I told him that he shouldn't do this, business-wise, but he just replied, (paraphrasing) that knife sharpening is his passion, and he wants to share it with the world.

Can't recomend this place enough, and my knives are sharp!